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Koren Walsh

Spend a little time with Koren Walsh, aka Jezebel Pride, and you will soon realize the passion she possesses for bringing people together and creating a community of diverse and empowered individuals.

As an award winning fire performer, hoop dancer and motivational speaker, Koren has traveled the spiritual, music, lifestyle and renaissance festival circuits, changing the lives of thousands with her compassionate desire to inspire people to live life to their highest potential. This combined with years of educating the public about Satanism and the Left Hand Path has given Koren an ability to capture the attention of her audience. Her inviting personality makes Satanism approachable to those that could never comprehend the idea of this religion before and her knowledge of this Path will help to dispel the myths and misconceptions that often surround Satanism.

After becoming media liaison for the former Minneapolis Chapter of The Satanic Temple, Koren became known around the Twin Cities as “That Satan Lady”. When Minneapolis TST closed it’s doors, she became one of the founding members of Minnesota’s Left Hand Path Community, and strived to build support for those that walk the often solitary Path of the Left. She also served, for a time, as the United States Chapter Head for the Church of Rational Satanism based in the U.K.

Koren created a controversial Left Hand Path Addiction Recovery Meeting in the Twin Cities. This meeting has given addicts and alcoholics with non-traditional higher power beliefs an approachable, supportive place where the names of all gods, goddesses, daemons and deities could be spoken out loud without fear, ridicule or judgement. Since the announcement of The Minnesota Left Hand Path Addiction Recovery Meeting in January of 2018, the meeting has continued to grow in membership. There are now 2 meetings in Minneapolis and plans are in place to start additional meetings around the Twin Cities.

She is currently writing a book on addiction recovery with an empowering Left Hand Path approach, which will assist others around the world in starting their own LHP Addiction Recovery Meetings. Koren is making addiction recovery with a Left Hand Path approach accessible to those who do not have supportive recovery community in their area.