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Jennifer Robinson

I'm not a fan of titles or self-important labels, so allow me to share what I think is real and important about me-
I am working to establish my spiritual home in the twin cities, and have been gathering friendly witches along the way. Over my 30 years of practice, I have grown away from public ritual,and enjoy celebrating my traditional kitchen witchcraft privately with a few trusted friends and my family. I can't cook anything without intention, and my altar is an overflowing mess of love and spells waiting for their time to come. I love to do divination, rocks are my friend, and there is cat hair in every spell I've ever done.
Then there's the Formal stuff people seem to care about, particularly when they want to know why I have any right to be teaching a class...
I am a Licensed Psychologist in practice who has been in the Twin Cities for about three years. Prior to moving here I was a co-founder of San Francisco/Bay Area Pagan Pride, and later the President of the board of directors of the Pagan Alliance 510c3 nonprofit teaching organization. While completing my Doctorate in Texas, I created the Denton Pagan Meetup and over 5 years grew the group to around 400 members. I have been following a pagan path for 30 years, and have presented a number of workshops for the Pagan Alliance, and have put on a number of presentations at Pantheacon prior to my moving away from the Bay Area.
I am currently in the process of writing a book incorporating psychological science and Pagan spirituality.