Paganicon 2019 has ended
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Cancelled - Gogo Nyadze Ndara

Due to a Family Emergency, GoGo will be unable to attend Paganicon 2019.

Gogo is a seasoned healer schooled in the aNcient Zulu tradition of Sangoma. She is pyschic, an empath, a seer, and a warrior spirit convicted to the calling of empowerment for those that seek it. She has been a practicing Sangoma since 2013 and received her training in South Africa. She heals by first divination and then following the order given. Muthi (Sangoma medicine), drums, dance, breathing, San-goga (Sangoma yoga), baths, and steam are ways tools I use heal others who are in need of a spiritual revival.

Gogo's healing is of light and love and resonates with the most ancient lineages in Africa. She lived in the Bahamas for the last 10 years and there acquired a deep love and appreciation for the African descendants of the Atlantic slave trade.