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Emily Guenther

The Broom Closet
Memphis, Tennessee
Emily Guenther is an art historian with a love of all things magickal, metaphysical, and historical. Emily is the owner of The Broom Closet - a metaphysical store in Memphis, TN, a witch and experienced reader of Tarot. You may have seen her on television, heard her doing live readings on radio-memphis.com, conducting workshops at conventions or doing readings for fundraisers at Shelby Farms, The Woodruff Fontaine House or reading for high rollers at an MGM resort. She is an ordained reverend with The Fellowship of Avalon - ATC and a priestess of Sekhmet. She follows an eclectic polytheistic tradition, and communicates with her guides and deities for insight and guidance. She likes to express the Divine through art, teaching, the use of herbs and stones, and meditation. Emily is available for consultation for spell-crafting, personalized incenses and oils, divination readings, and any other questions about Paganism.