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Prudence Priest

American Ambassadress
Antioch, California
Amber, pagan carolling, the Baltics, and Romuva, the indigenous Baltic tradition. Currently serving on the Board of Directors of the Circle of Ancient Sisters, and the Daughters & Sons of Yta. In the 60’s Prudence Priest was a proud card-carrying member of W.I.T.C.H. [Women’s International Terrorist Conspiracy from Hell – they tried to cast a circle around the Pentagon during the Vietnam War.] She has been high priestess of Amaranth Energies [a Greco-Norse coven] since 1971, CEO of Freya’s Folk, and the California Utlandr Alliance, current board member of the American Vinland Association, Ambassadress of Romuva in the USA, Member of the European Congress of Ethnic Religions, Elder in the Covenant of the Goddess and The Ring of Troth, Soror Glynda & priestess in the OTO and translator of “Demonographia”, member of the Rune Gild, Fellowship of Isis, and initiated Druid in the ADF. She has been an activist for Heathen and Feminist causes for over fifty years. Prudence currently lives in and runs Perchtenhof (home of the followers of the Bright Goddess) in Antioch, CA.   Visit her blog for photos and travelogues at "http://prudenttravels.blogspot.com/"