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Mary Diamond

Rockford, Illinois
I've been a pagan since I was old enough to vote (maybe a little before that) and I've been seeking ever since. Due to professional concerns, I blog about Heathenry under the pen name Stella Helasdottir, and I blog about my muggle-life at MaryDiamond.blog. I work in digital marketing and I love board games, tabletop RPG's, and PC games like Fallout 76. I'm a geek!

My formative magical training began around the turn of the century (ha! 1999) with an eclectic coven of ceremonial-ish Wiccans. Since leaving that group, I have studied LHP theology, the Alexandrian tradition of Witchcraft, solitary practical hedge magic, and Chaos magic. My first ADF Grove experience was mostly Celtic, but through the friendships formed there I discovered a calling to work with the Shining Ones of the North.

Currently, I'm dedicated to a Heathen or Norse hearth practice and I'm slowly working through the dedicant's path of ADF. Sometimes I meet up to sumble or blot with a group of like-minded heathen folks in the greater Chicago area. I have been sporadically published at HeathenHof.com and I maintain a presence on Facebook and Twitter under the name Stella Helasdottir, or @StellaHeathen.