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James Maertens

Bardwood. Ltd.
Writer and Wandmaker
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Hi! I am a writer, wizard, and inventor of airships, submarines, battleship aircraft carriers, and starships. I love Steampunk lit, film, art, and costuming; and make small steampunk inventions. I make magic wands, write teen fantasy involving plucky girls and boys, druids, bards, and seers in an alternate Earth of magic and mechanical wonderment, and I am a Member of D.I.O.D.E.S. the Steampunk group in the TC (even though I hardly ever get to events... darn.)

I am writing a novel series with a teenage female protagonist, who finds herself torn between her non-magical Christian upbringing and the discovery that her parents were druids. It is set in an alternative Earth in which Rome never conquered the druids and Britons, the Saxons settled down to farming, and following the Deluge, the world recovered without oil and without megacities. If that makes sense. My characters are attending a druid academy prep school for the druid university of Celydon, where real magic is taught (not fantasy magic).

I love Victorian England, young adult fiction, the web comic Girl Genius, gaslamp fantasy, top hats, airships, submarines, magic and painting miniatures